Event units are not in price order

When viewing an event registration form the pricing units do not display in the same order as in The Raiser's Edge.
Adding an additional Price, or changing the order of units
The order in which Pricing Units appear in an existing Blackbaud NetCommunity Event Registration Form is related to the order in which they were added to The Raiser's Edge Event record. 
If a change is made to the order of items listed on the Prices tab of the record, the Event Registration Form part will not reflect the change immediately or automatically.
To update the Blackbaud NetCommunity event registration form (classic) part with the new order of pricing units, follow these steps:
1. Recycle Application pools on the web server.
2. Go to Administration - Code Tables
3. Select Refresh Code Tables
4. Go to the Event Registration Form that you would like to update (the next steps will need to be done for each form with this event)
5. Edit the Event Registration Form
6. Remove the updated event from the form
7. Add the event back to the form, and configure as needed
8. Save your changes.

Programming changes from version to version have changed the method for updating this code table reference.


 6.15.465, patch 86 ; 6.51.736, patch 6

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