To Make A New Captain:

  1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Custom Friends Asking Friends > Name of Event
  2. Click Administer > Contacts
  3. Search for Individual who will be the NEW team captain
  4. Click manage contact
  5. By Team Information, click change
    1. A new window populates.
  6. Leave radio button by -Become a Team Captain of a new team and enter in a team name (this name is a placeholder that we will change later)
  7. Click Save
To Merge The Teams:
  1. Click the Teams tab
  2. Click on the team name that had the OLD captain (and make a note of the team name, as we will need to re-enter it later)
  3. Click Merge Teams
  4.  Choose the team you wish to merge with (aka, the new team that you just created) and click merge
*now you have all of your team members with the correct team captain. Notice, that the old team captain is simply a team member now.

All we have left to do, is change the name back to the "original" name.
To Change Team Name: 
  1. Click the team name
  2. Click Edit Team
  3. Change the name to the original name, and click save