Changes to a constituent's name on their record are not reflected in their name in the Favorites menu and Home Page when the constituent is a Favorite.

Constituent records can be added as Favorites in CRM so that they appear in the Favorites menu, and on the Home Page for users.  When a constituent is first added as a user, their name appears as it does on their constituent record (selected in Administration\Individual Display Name).  However, if subsequent edits are made to parts of the name that are included in that display name (first name, middle initial, and last name by default), these changes are not reflected in the Favorites menu or on the Home Page.

Favorites in the click-once shell are very similar to favorites in Internet Explorer.  The name of the link is based on the current page header but it can be changed by the user.  The system doesn't track whether or not the user changed the text for the link.  If the system tried to update the existing favorite link it could potentially overwrite custom text entered by the user.


 2.5.465.82, 2.9.1001.28

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