1. Log into Rasier's Edge.
2. Click on the Sphere add-on icon.
3. Under Import, click "Donations" or "Event Registrations," depending upon which you want to process.
4. Once this window is open you will see the transactions waiting to be processed.
5. Click on the desired constituent.
Note the transaction data from Sphere in the "transaction data" window and the RE constituent to link to in the "linked constituent" window on the "record linking" tab. If only one record is listed in the "linked constituent" window and this information is correct you can continue to process the transaction.  If there is a message saying "duplicates found," please proceed to step 6.
6. Click "Find."
Note: In the bottom half of the screen you will see the possible constituents that match the address and name of the supporter in Sphere.
7. Select the correct constituent by double clicking on their name.
8. The "Selected Constituent" box will pop-up.
9. Click "Link Constituent.
10. If prompted, click "Save and Close" to complete the process of linking the constituent records between Sphere and Raisers Edge.