Work through each of the following steps until the error is resolved:
  1. Update the SMTP Relay server and port number according to your Blackbaud Hosting Services datacenter. In addition, select Anonymous for the SMTP authentication method.
    • Select Config, Business Rules, then Mail Options
    • Enter in the SMTP server information for your datacenter per the Knowledgebase SMTP Relay servers by Data Center
    • If the checkbox for Use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is marked, unmark this checkbox
  2. Verify a message has been created for the e-Receipt email. If the email is blank, it will not be sent by our SMTP server.
    • Select Mail, then Receipts
    • Open the existing receipt
    • Select the e-Receipts tab
    • Click Write Message
    • Enter the email text in the body field and click OK to save