To set up the confirmation page that will pop up after the donor Submits their donation:

1. Go to Content > Content Management System
2. Hover over your CMS site
3. Click Manage Website
4. Click the Content Management tab
5. Click the Content Library sub-tab
6. Click New
7. On the Properties tab, give this page a Title that you will remember for later
8. Click the Body tab
9. Fill in the content that you want to have displayed on the screen to the donor
10. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the screen and mark Publish Immediately, and click on the Create button

Now, you can apply this to your current donation form by doing the following:

1. Click the Site Structure sub-tab under Content Management
2. Make sure you are in Folder view
3. Find your donation form and click on it to open it up in the right-hand side of the screen
4. Click the Event Selection tab
5. In the Confirmation section, locate the Content area
6. Click Select underneath the text box
7. Mark the name of the page you just created above
8. Click Select at the bottom of the screen
9. When you are back in the Donation Form, click Apply at the bottom of the screen