Use the following steps to create your logo files for the applicable documents.

 1. Save the logo file with the following three file names (creating three separate files):

• Invoices—invoices_logo.bmp,
• Receipts—receipts_logo.bmp, and
• Customer statement—statement_logo.bmp.

If you would like different logos for each type of document, you can
save each logo with the correct new name.
If you do not create a logo file for a certain type of document, that document will not display your company logo.

2. Copy the files to the FundWare\Data\Reports folder on your server, overwriting the existing files.

Your company logo must meet the following specifications:
• The file must be a bitmap (.BMP) file format, and
• The image must be equal to or less than one of the following sizes:
— 260 pixels wide x 100 pixels high,
— 2.75 inches wide x 1.5 inches high, or
— 5.50 cm wide x 3.00 cm high.