A Kintera Thon registration will always be created as an Individual contact record when completed from the Front-end of your FAF Event.

However, if you were to enter the registration through Bookkeeping > Batch Entry System, then you can manually mark the record as an Organization record when it is processed/created.

Steps to enter a Batch Registration: 
  1. Go to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
  2. Highlight the appropriate Event Name, select Bookkeeping
  3. Click Batch Entry System
  4. Create a Registration Batch Template and include the company_name and is_individual_flag fields for the Batch Template.
  5. Highlight the Template Name, click Batch Entry
  6. Click New Key Entry Batch
  7. Fill out the appropriate fields, specifically enter the Company Name and mark the is_individual_flag fields as N or No
  8. Click Save & Validate
  9. Correct any errors and Click Commit
By entering a Company Name and marking the is_individual_flag field as No you are telling Sphere that this is an Organization Record.

Once the Batch has processed, you should be able to view the newly created Organization Registration entry and be able to click on the Company Name hyperlink to take you to the Organizations Sphere record.

Again, the ability to enter a Registration and create an Organization Record in Sphere for the Company that is registering is through the Batch Entry System on the Backend of your FAF Event. If the registration is submitted on the Front-end by the Organization it will be created as an Individual Record.

You can reverse the original registration transaction and manually re-enter it through the Batch Entry System if you would like to have it show as an Organization Record in Sphere.