1. From the Sphere page in The Raiser's Edge, select Options.
2. Select Transaction Assignments from the list of Options.
3. In the Transaction Type to manage field, select the type of transaction for which you want to assign filters and security.
4. To enable assignments for current downloads, select Enable Assignments.
5. On the Assignment Filters tab, in the Security Group field, select the security group in The Raiser's Edge to associate with the transaction type.
6. In the Filter Type field, select a filter to limit transactions, e.g., "Donor Last Name Starts With".
7. In the Criteria box, select your criteria to filter transactions. Your selection in the Filter Type field determines the criteria that appear. For example, if you select "Donor Last Name Starts With" in the Filter Type field, A through Z appears in the Criteria box.
8. Click Add. The filter you created appears in the grid at the bottom.

Now, users in the Volunteers Security Group will only be able to process event registrations with a last name that starts with N-Z.  More information on Transactions Assignments can be found in the Blackbaud Sphere & The Raiser's Edge Integration Guide