Options are missing when mapping Sphere Connector information - need to send metadata

This details how to send the fields and attributes from your Raiser's Edge to Sphere, in order for them to be eligible for mapping through Control > Administration > Connector Sync. 

In previous versions of the Connector, choosing to send mapping metadata would send all fields from The Raiser's Edge to Blackbaud Sphere. Now, the options to select 'Updates only' or 'Send all' are available for version  Selecting to send updates only will simply export fields that have been recently modified or newly added in The Raiser's Edge. This will reduce the time that sending metadata takes to complete.  We've also added an option to select a date for which transactions will sync between The Raiser's Edge and Blackbaud Sphere. This feature enables you to reset the initial sync date so only data entered on or after this day will be imported and exported. For example, entering a date in the past will allow you to sync historical transactions.

Sending metadata needs to be completed after creating any new items in Raiser's Edge.

Please note:  Resetting the initial sync date should only be used to reset the date to a recent past date, and is not designed to bring in large numbers of historical data.   

1. Click the Sphere button in Raiser's Edge
2. Click Scheduler
3. Go to Configuration and select Sphere Connection
4. Check the box for Send Mapping Metadata
5. Select to send the 'Updates Only' or 'Send All'
6. Click Finish

The process of sending your events, funds, campaigns, appeals, etc to Sphere has started. 


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