Blackbaud will be discontinuing support on FundWare version 7.20 and earlier on September 30, 2012.  
This means that you can continue to use the system and receive Support assistance, but that there will no longer be any enhancements or programmatic fixes to those older versions. As long as you continue to stay current on your maintenance you can continue to contact support and use any of the online tools, including the knowledge base. If at some point in the future, you would like to upgrade your system you have 2 options:
1 – Upgrade to FundWare 7.6  or whatever version is available at the time.  We are currently working on version 7.70 for FundWare which will support 64 bit operating systems.
The software upgrade  is included in your maintenance. Any additional costs would be a potential investment in training and installation plus any current hardware you needed. 

2 – Upgrade to Blackbaud’s most current Fund Accounting System, The Financial Edge – We now offer a subscription package which provides you the necessary software in a web-hosted environment  at an affordable cost, that in some cases may be a cost savings to your organization.

We still have FundWare clients on versions 7.30, 7.31, 7.40, 7.50,7.60 and 7.70  but due to technology changes the older versions prior to 7.30 have come to the end of their life cycle.