Most organizations will choose to discount the items purchased through a group deal using a discount and then will choose one of two options to track the revenue associated with the group deal.
  • Option 1: You can discount the items at 100% then track revenue received from the group deal company after fees (Specific steps documented under Step 1 and Step 2, Method 1).
  • Option 2: Another option is to discount the items to the price the patron would have paid for the item through the group deal, then use an other payment method track the net revenue (Step 1 and Step 2, Method 2). 
Step 1: Set up a discount or promotion
If you're discounting a ticket or merchandise item:
  1. Go to Tickets > Ticket and merchandise discounts
  2. In the Discounts area, click the Add button to add a discount that would correctly discount your ticket or merchandise item to the amount the group deal purchaser would have paid. 
  3. Click Save. 
If you're discounting a membership: 
  1. Go to Memberships > Membership promotions
  2. In the Membership promotions area, click the Add button to add a new membership promotion. 
  3. Click Save to add the membership promotion to the system. 
  4. If you're applying the discount manually and also wish to have this available for the back office, follow these additional steps: 
    1. Go to Memberships
    2. Click on the hyperlinked name of the membership program the discount is available for
    3. Go to the Rules Tab
    4. Click Edit and check the box next to the manual promotion to make it available for that membership promotion via back office. 

Step 2, Method 1:
If your organization is using a 100% discount when patrons redeem the Group Deal and you would like to track how much revenue your organization received from the group deal service after fees, you can enter the check you've received from the group deal as a donation and apply it to a specific designation to indicate its purpose. 

  1. Go to Revenue > Add a payment
  2. Under Constituent, create a new organization constituent record for the group deal service you're using (for example Groupon) 
  3. Enter the amount received
  4. Under Designation, search for the designation in your fundraising hierarchy you'd like to apply this payment to. If you need to create a new designation, see instructions in our related solution: I need to add a new designation
  5. Enter the details of the payment
  6. Click Save.

Step 2: Method 2: Create an Other Payment Method 
If your organization is not using a 100% discount and you would like to track the net revenue of the group deal before the service charges their fees, you can enter the remaining cost of the item using an Other Payment Method.  If your organization is using the General Ledger, you can also map the Other payment method to a specific account if needed. Instructions here: How to add other payment methods in Altru?