Should you encounter page-not-found errors or general slowness in a Sphere site, please:
  1. Take a screenshot of the error message or notate the exact message to provide to Support
  2. Copy the URL for the error page to provide to Support . This is especially important should you experience the "An Unexpected Error Has Occurred" message as Support must have the URL to proceed
  3. Open the following page in the same browser you encountered the issue and as close to the time of the issue as possible (Please don't close and reopen the browser between the time of the error and when you open this page) and take a screenshot of the information or copy it to provide to Support:
  1. Contact Support and reference this article. Please deliver the following information to Support to assist in troubleshooting this access or slowness issue:
  • Screenshot of error message or the exact error message text
  • The URL for the error page
  • The information from the sysinfo page