When you encounter page-not-found errors or general slowness in a Sphere site, you can open the following page to get more information to provide to support:


Copy and paste this address into the browser where you are encountering the issue as close to the time of the issue as possible. Please don't close and reopen the browser between the time of the error and when you open this page.

Also, try to open this page as close to the time of the issue as possible.

This page will return the server that has provided that page.  Once you have this information Chat With Support and reference this article. Support will be able to use the server information to determine which server is failing to offer the site properly.

Note:  If you are encountering an error page that reads "An Unexpected Error Has Occurred," please copy the URL from that error page and provide it to support.   This error page contains a unique Error ID in the address and allows us to find additional information about the error.  Support must have the URL to research the issue.