In order for barcodes to appear in the merchandise labels preview and to print on any merged document from Altru, you must have Interleaved Barcode 3 of 9 Font installed.  We provide this quick download in the program. 
  1. Go to Tickets > Print Setup
  2. Click Barcode Font
  3. On the File Download screen, choose to save the TTF file to your fonts folder (If you are not sure where this folder is located, in Windows XP click Start>Run and type "Fonts", in Windows Vista and Windows 7 click Start > Search and type "Fonts" to find the file path).
  4. When the font opens, click the Install button, if the install does not happen immediately.
  5. After downloading the font file, attempt to preview the labels again. If you do not see the font, restart the computer and test again.