Here is how to run the report:

1. Control > Reports > Summary > Recurring Donation
2. Mark Detail Report
3. Check the fields you want to display.
Note: CC Expiration Date is located under Detail Fields > Standard Fields
4. Click Ok
5. Click Run Report
Result: The report will show all records with a recurring donation and their credit card expiration date. If you want to be more specific then you can use the 'CC Expiration Date' field to filter the report.

For example:

1. Click CC Expiration Date > Click Add
2. Select Contains Any Of 08/2011,09/2011,10/2011,11/2011,12/2011
3. Click Ok > Click Ok again
4. Click Run Report
Result: This report will provide reoccurring donors with a credit card that will be expired between August and December of year 2011.