1. Exit and reopen the Blackbaud NetCommunity plug-in

2. Process the transactions manually

If the message persists, review the constituent record in The Raiser's Edge (RE) to determine if an existing membership already exists.  If so, apply the new membership as a renewal of the existing membership by following these steps: 

1. Mark the Process Now? checkbox next to the membership to process. 

2. If not already linked to an RE Constituent, click into the RE Constituent field and press F7 to open the Search Window. 

3. In the Search Window, highlight the correct constituent and in the upper left-hand corner, click the Link Constituent button. 

4. If you wish to apply this membership to a renewal rather than adding a new membership, click into the RE Membership field and press F7. 

5. Mark the radio button "No, add a new transaction to an existing membership for <Constituent Name>

6. In the Expires On field, change the Expiration date to the new Expires on date if necessary. 

7. Click OK. 

8. Click Process.