If the membership transaction was entered via a sales order (Daily Sales, Advance Sales, or Online Sales), you will need to process a refund and a repurchase. We also recommend using an Other Payment Method, especially if it was a credit card transaction to avoid refunding and recharging the member’s credit card.
  1. Go to Sales > Refunds
  2. Search for the membership transaction using the order number or the member’s last name. 
  3. In the next screen, confirm the items and amounts to be refunded. If the order was originally processed with a credit card, under Payment Details, change the Refund Method from the original method to an Other payment Method such as Exchange. By changing the Refund Method, you will not have to contact the patron again for their credit card information. Note: If you do need to refund this card in the future, you can do so through your Merchant Services Portal directly.  Changing Refund Method in the Refunds Screen
  4. Enter a Refund Reason and Comment if desired. Click Refund to complete the refund. 
  5. Altru will ask if you would also like to revoke the membership transaction. Click Yes. This will remove the incorrect transaction from the membership record: Revoke Transaction Screen
  6. After the transaction has been refunded, create a new transaction to renew the correct membership. When applying payment, be sure to use the same Other method that you used for the refund. This way the refund and payment will balance.  
If the membership transaction was entered via back office, you have two options to resolve this:

Option 1: Refund and Re-Enter
  1. Follow Steps 1-6 above to Refund the incorrect Membership transaction. 
  2. Re-enter the Membership Transactions through the Add a Membership Form. Be sure to use the same Other Payment Method if you used one for your Refund Method.
Option 2: Delete the Transaction and Re-Enter
  1. Open the Membership Payment. On the left under Tasks, click Delete Payment. Note: Before deleting the payment, if the Payment is in a locked deposit, follow the steps here to unlock the deposit. 
  2. If the original payment was processed with a credit card and you do not wish to refund and recharge the card, make note of the last four digits and authorization code on the payment. When prompted, select not to refund the credit card. Back Office Refund Prompt
  3. Once the payment is deleted, go back to the constituent’s membership record and delete the last Membership Transaction: Delete Membership Transaction
  4. Once your payment is deleted, re-enter the transaction through the Add a Membership form. 
  5. If the payment was processed originally with a credit card, under “How are they paying?” enter the type, the last four digits, and the authorization code from the original payment. This will not charge the card again, but we can store these details for reconciliation. These details will also be helpful in case we need to locate the transaction for reconciliation purposes. 
These instructions are also reviewed during the beginning of the video: Adjusting Membership Transactions