If the relationship is missing and it exists, first ensure that the gender of the individual constituent is correct on the constituent record so that the correct choices populate in the drop down menu. For example, "husband" will not show if the constituent is marked as a woman. To check the gender on a constituent record, follow these steps:
  1. From Constituents, click Constituent search, and navigate to the constituent record
  2. Under the Personal Info tab, look at the Personal subtab
  3. Under Personal information, look at Gender and ensure that it is correct. If not, click Edit and change the Gender
  4. Now, check to see if the relationship type shows correctly
If the steps above do not work, next ensure that the relationship settings allow that relationship type when adding a new relationship:
  1. Go to Constituents > Relationship settings under Configuration
  2. Click Edit to modify a relationship type
  3. Ensure that the gender, "This relationship can be," and "This Relationship can have relationships with" are not prohibiting you from adding this relationship to a constituent
For example, you added a relationship type of Doctor.  In the Doctor can be field, you selected organization.  In the Doctor can have relationships with, you selected Organization.  Then, when you are on an individual's constituent you cannot add a relationship type of doctor.  This is because a Doctor cannot have a relationship with an individual.