Transactions remain in the Connector even after Batch Processing

In the The Rasier's Edge/Sphere Connector, the user has the option to batch process all of their donations and registrations.  When transactions are left from the batch because they are missing information, they have the status of being "Checked Out" by that The Rasier's Edge user.  If another user tries to process those transactions they will receive a message stating that these transactions have been checked out XXX.  This prevents the user from processing those leftover transactions without logging in as the previous user.
The user will need to login with the same username as stated in the error message in order to continue to process the checked out transactions.  The other option is to delete the transactions out of the The Rasier's Edge/Sphere Connector and manually enter in The Rasier's Edge. 


 Sphere Connector ; Raiser's Edge 7.91.5056.21

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