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Complete the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Try printing something from Microsoft Word or Notepad to the printer directly:
    • If this does not work: this is not an issue with the application and the printer is likely not configured correctly with your machine. Please reach out to your IT staff and/or printer manufacturer for assistance.
    • If this does print correctly from an outside source: proceed to the following step
  2. If the printer prints from Word or Notepad and your cash drawer pops, but no receipt prints from Altru, verify that the correct driver is installed:
  3. Ensure you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.  Altru only prints tickets and receipts while in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on Windows machines:
    • ​​Note: If using Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system, open Internet Explorer from the desktop instead of the tiles.  To get to the desktop version, hold down the Windows key and press the D key at the same time.
  4. If this is a $0 transaction or an order with no balance due, ensure Altru is configured to print for these types of transactions:
    1. Click Tickets > Print Setup > Sales Documents
    2. Click on the appropriate Sales Document that you are trying to print
    3. Ensure the printing rule is "Enabled" for orders with no balance
  5. Ensure that the Workstation Interface is installed:
    1. Click Tickets > Print Setup.  
    2. Ensure there is a green checkmark next to Workstation Interface.
    3. If there is not, click on the links under Workstation Interface and follow the prompts to install the workstation interface and Google Chrome Browser extension if using Chrome.
  6. Ensure that the "Machine name is confirmed" for the workstation:
    1. Click Tickets > Print Setup > Workstations
    2. Click on the affected workstation and make note of the "Machine name"
    3. On the workstation: Go to My Computer > Properties > Computer Name, and confirm the name (excluding the domain) matches what is above for the "Machine name."  In addition, confirm it is less than 15 characters. For example: The computer should be written as RBREX28430​
      • Note: Even if Altru says Machine name is confirmed, the machine name has to be less than 15 characters. If it is more than 15 characters, click Change Settings and change the computer name from there. 
  7. Verify that the correct printer is selected for the workstation:
    1. Click Tickets > Print Setup > Workstations
    2. Click on the workstation from which you wish to print.
    3. On the Printers tab, verify that the desired printer is listed.  If the printer is not listed, click Add to add it.
    4. Go to Start > Devices and Printers.  Verify that the printer name here matches the printer name in Altru. 
  8. Verify that the above printer is connected to a printer list:
    1. Click Tickets > Print Setup > Printer Lists
    2. Note which printer list the desired printer is part of
    3. Edit the printer list.  Make sure the printer is listed here.  If it is not, select it from the dropdown in the last blank row.
    4. If the printer does show, highlight that row and delete it.  Save the printer list.  Edit the printer list again, select it from the dropdown in the last blank row.
  9. Verify the printer list is linked to the appropriate sales documents:
    1. Click Tickets > Print Setup > Sales Documents
    2. In the Printer List column, make sure that the printer list containing the desired printer has been selected
  10. Verify that the sales document has the appropriate printing rules for this sales method:
    1. Click Tickets > Print Setup > Sales Documents
    2. Go into the appropriate Sales Document > Edit the printing rules and ensure the Sales method is assigned to the Delivery method
  11. Verify that the sales document is set up to print for this program or sales method:
    • If you are trying to print a ticket, go to the Program Record and click on the Tickets tab, make sure there is a ticket template specified
  12. Verify the Delivery Method is set to print tickets immediately after the order is completed:
    1. Click Tickets > Print Setup > Delivery Methods
    2. Highlight the specific delivery method and click Edit, verify that the sales documents are set to print immediately after completing the order
  13. Verify that the above printer is not a network printer:
    • If your printer is connected to the workstation via USB, it is not a network printer.
    • If the printer is connected to the workstation wirelessly (via wifi, etc) ensure that the printer name has the entire network path.
      1. To rename the printer to include the entire network path, go to Start > Devices and Printers.
      2. Right click on the printer that you wish to rename.
      3. Select Printer Properties
      4. Click Change Properties.  Note: this may require User Account Control.
      5. Where the current printer name is, type the new name, in this case, including the network path.
      6. Click Ok.
      7. Go to Tickets > Print Setup
      8. Click on Workstations
      9. Click on the workstation this printer is connected to.
      10. On the printers tab, click on the printer with the incorrect, not full network name.
      11. Click Delete
      12. Click Add
      13. Select the renamed network printer from the dropdown list.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please try these additional steps: 
  1. If you are using Internet Explorer 11, make Altru compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
    1. While logged into Altru, in the top right corner of Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon to access Settings.
    2. Click Compatibility Settings.
    3. Click Add.
    4. You may have to close out of Internet Explorer and reopen for the changes to take affect and to start printing successfully.
  2. Ensure that trusted sites are added in Internet Explorer:
    1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools or gear icon.
    2. Select Internet Options
    3. On the Security tab, click Trusted Sites.
    4. Enter the following sites:
      • https://*
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click Custom level on the Security Tab.
    7. In the ActiveX section, mark to enable automatic prompting of ActiveX controls.
    8. Click Apply, click Ok.
    9. Close Internet Explorer and reopen.
  3. Verify Active X controls have been installed and Run:
    1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools or the gear icon.
    2. Select Manage Add-ons.
    3. In the Toolbars and Extensions category, find all add-ons from Blackbaud, Inc.
    4. Click each add-on and make sure they are Enabled. If not, click Enable at the bottom right.
    5. In the Yellow Information bar, click Run Add-On