1. Disable the sync by clicking on the Sphere icon in Raiser's Edge and clicking on the scheduler in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Complete a manual sync at the exact time desired for the Connector to sync everyday and let it complete.
  3. Then reenable the auto sync being sure that it has the desired time and frequency settings.
If the Auto sync does not sync correctly after these steps create a case on Case Central and provide the following information:
  1. Brief Description of your Sync issue and the time syncs are occurring including the time and frequency you want it to sync.
  2. If your Connector is hosted with Blackbaud: Provide your Raiser's Edge login credentials and citrix link and citrix login credentials.
  3. If your Connector is NOT hosted with Blackbaud please provide the following information on your versions: This is found inside of Raiser’s Edge.  Click Help, then click About the Raiser’s Edge
    Please note the RE version and the SQL Database version.
    Your Connector version is found inside the Raiser’s Edge Sphere button.  Click Scheduler to open the Integration Control Panel.  Then, Select Help > About Sphere Integration to view your version. It can also be found through Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs.  Find “Sphere Connector