1.  In The Raiser's Edge, navigate to Config > International
  2. Select the country that needs to be configured and click Open, or click Create New if no record exists for the country.
  3. Enter the correct country name in the Name field, if it is not already present.
  4. Select the same country in the ISO Name field.
  5. Find the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the country and enter the code in the Abbreviation field.
  6. Enter the country's currency information in to the fields in the middle of the record.  If you are unsure of the correct format, enter or select the following values:
    • Currency: Dollars
    • Exchange rate: 1.0000000000
    • Symbol: $
    • 1000 separator: Leave blank.
    • Decimal separator: .
    • Decimal digits: 2
    • Leading zero: 0.9
  7. Find the correct mailing address format
  8. In the dropdown next to Display available fields for this country, select the appropriate address block. Here is a link to Blackbaud's recommended address blocks. 
    • Note: If there is not a recommend address block for the country in question, you may need to Research the appropriate format and choose the most appropriate one.
    • Note: NetCommunity only respects the default Address Block Configuration. If you make changes to the Address block in RE, adjusting the default configuration, this will not be reflected in NetCommunity.
    • The available Address fields are:
      • United States
        • Address Lines
        • City, State ZIP
      • United Kingdom
        • Address Lines
        • City
        • Country
        • Postcode
      • Canada
        • Address Lines
        • City, Province, Postal Code
      • Australia
        • Address lines
        • Suburb, State Postcode
      • New Zealand
        • Address lines
        • Suburb
        • City, Post Code
If countries are missing in your Donation Forms:
Blackbaud Netcommunity follow the below steps after setting the Countries up in the Raiser's Edge.
  1. Log in to Blackbaud Netcommunity
  2. Click on Administration > Sites and settings 
  3. You should be taken to: General Settings, if not, click the General tab 
  4. Scroll down to locate the "Countries" section
  5. Ensure the box is checked for all Countries you wish to accept credit cards from for your Blackbaud Netcommunity forms 
  6. Scroll back up to the top of the page and click the "Save" button just above the General tab.
In addition to configuring the address blocks, you may consider changing the Address Verification System (AVS) Settings to Light or None. 
How to edit AVS or CSC settings in NetCommunity

Note: You may have a country that doesn't use states. As so, you may consider adding the value NA to the state table in The Raiser's Edge. See The State drop-down menu appears as a required field on NetCommunity forms regardless of country selected for more information.

Military Address
Donor is unable to submit donation from military address overseas