How to find out how many users have signed up for email for life/email forwarding

Some Blackbaud NetCommunity sites would like to know how many of their users have email forwarding set up. How can I get a list of users who have signed up for email for life, or email forwarding?
To see individual users signed up for Email For Life:
  1. Navigate to Users & Security>Users
  2. Click the Pencil icon to edit the user
  3. Click the Email Forwarding tab
    • Note if there is an address listed and remove it if needed
To see an entire list of all users signed up for Email for Life or Email forwarding, Click Chat with Support and reference this article. If Blackbaud hosts your Raiser's Edge database, Support will run a query against the database to pull the list and return it to you via email. If your organization hosts the Raiser's Edge database, Support will provide a query to you, which can be shared with your IT department. Your IT department will need to execute the query against the Raiser's Edge SQL server.

If you want to disable future users from signing up (Pre-Deprecation Steps)
  1. Navigate to Site Explorer>Pages & Templates
  2. Click the search tab
  3. Filter by part type Email Forwarding Form
  4. From here, you can click the Scissor icon for the part on the part to remove it
Additional Resources
Email for life (email forwarding) is being disabled in July 2017


 6.35.1001, patch 32

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