In the Webinfo Checklist page, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Registration Form Options*.
  2. Use the Advanced Confirmation Set up and Edit the Registration Confirmation.
  3. Click Advanced Confirmation Setup.
  4. Select Use Customized Text and click Edit Email.
  5. The confirmation editor box will open.  In the text, you can choose one of the following:
  6. Option 1: Add individual event fields
    1. To add event information, click the EF yellow can.
    2. Choose the appropriate fields. 
    3. Click Ok.
  7. Option 2: Add all default fields
    1. Click Load Default Email to add default values like below.
  8. Save the changes and publish your event.

Example Default Values:
[[system_date]] (PT)


[[First Name]] [[Last Name]]
[[city]], [[state]] [[zip]]

Total Registration Fee:  [[total_registration_fee]]
Additional Donation Amount: [[additional_donation_amount]]
Payment Amount: [[amount]]
Total Billed Today:  [[total_billed_today]]
Outstanding Amount: [[outstanding_amount]]
Total Received Today: [[total_received_todate]]
ID: [[payment_id]]
Username: [[username]]
Password: [[password]]

[[account_name]] contact information:
Email Address:[[event_contact_email]]