The DBO.tf_PY7CapGetHours function can be used to return attendance totals. It takes the following parameters:

@CutOffDate - Date value that is used to determine the attendance plans to include. Only attendance plans with an effective date before the @CutOffDate are included in the calculation
@StartDate - Date value that is used to determine when to start calculating the total. This will often be the effective date of a particular plan.
@EndDate - Date value that determines the date for when to calculate the total. Attendance accrued or used after this date will not be included. 
@ConvertToDays - Integer that determines whether to return the total in Days or Hours. If this is set to 0, it will return Hours. Any other value will return Days.
@PassInEmployeeID - Specific Employee ID to base calculated attendance on. Default is 0, which is all employees.

Here is a sample SQL that returns Vacation Time Accrued and Vacation Time Used as of 03/24/2014 based on a start date of 01/01/2014.

select E.USERDEFINEDID, E.EMPLOYEENAME, VacationAccrued.VacationAccruedTotal, VacationUsed.VacationUsedTotal

--Calculate Vacation Accrued
left join
PY7EMPLOYEESID, SUM(Accrued) VacationAccruedTotal
FROM DBO.tf_PY7CapGetHours('03/24/2014','01/01/2014','03/24/2014',0,0) as SA
WHERE SA.AttendanceTypeID = (select AttendanceType from PY7ATTENDANCECODES where DESCRIPTION = 'Vacation')
group by SA.PY7EmployeesID
) as VacationAccrued on E.PY7EMPLOYEESID = VacationAccrued.PY7EmployeesID

-- Calculate Vacation Used
left join
FROM DBO.tf_PY7CapGetHours('03/24/2014','01/01/2014','03/24/2014',0,0) as SU
WHERE SU.AttendanceTypeID = (select AttendanceType from PY7ATTENDANCECODES where DESCRIPTION = 'Vacation')
group by SU.PY7EmployeesID
) as VacationUsed on E.PY7EMPLOYEESID = VacationUsed.PY7EmployeesID

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