Step One: Create a New Virtual Account and map it to the newly created Disbursement Location.

  1. Select Control > Administration > Organization Setup > Manage Users.
  2. Click Manage Virtual Accounts.
  3. Click New Virtual Account.
  4. For Virtual Account Name, enter a name for the Virtual Account (for example, San Diego Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, and so on).
  5. For Description, enter a brief description that will help you to easily identify the Virtual Account in Sphere.
  6. Click Submit.  The Virtual Account will be created, and the Virtual Accounts field shows the name of the new Virtual Account.
  7. Map the Virtual Account to a disbursement location
    • Note: This applies only to Sphere accounts with multiple disbursement locations, and you want to map the Virtual Account to a specific disbursement location so that money Sphere collects from transactions associated with the Virtual Account will be sent to the appropriate disbursement location.
  8. For Disbursement Location, select the disbursement location to which you want to map the Virtual Account.  This is what Disbursements created for you.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Close the Virtual Accounts window.
    • Note: Funds created in a Virtual Account are automatically mapped to the Virtual Account. This means that when a transaction originates from a form or event page created from a Virtual Account, the funds will be automatically associated with the Virtual Account.
Step Two: Create a new Fund and affiliate it to the new Virtual Account.

  1. Highlight Control> Administration> Organization Setup
  2. Click Set Up Funds/Donor Designations.
  3. Click New and select Fund.
  4. Select the Active check box if you want the Fund to be included in all drop lists where you can select a fund (for example, in the Fund/Designation list when you enter a gift in the database).
  5. For Category, make your selection as follows:
    For Category, make your selection as follows:
    • Select Unrestricted if you do not want to enforce accounting restrictions regarding how the fund is used.
    • Select Restricted if you want the fund to be used for a specific purpose/program.
    • Select Temporarily Restricted if you want the fund to be used in accordance with your organization’s accounting guidelines (i.e., your organization may have guidelines regarding how and when to use the fund).
  6. In the Type field, select the Fund Type to which you want to associate this fund.
    Note: You must have already created Fund Types, and the Fund Type must have been set to Active in order to appear in the list.
  7. Click Save and Next.
  8. Affiliate the Campaigns, if needed.
  9. Click Save and Next.
  10. Select the Virtual Account you created.
  11. Click Finish.
Step Three: Create all necessary initiatives, and the fund should now show as an option in the drop down of the event's initiatives.