Confirmation emails will not be sent until the payment date that is set in the Donation form Options. 

This date is found by going to :
  1. Communities > Forms > Single-Step Donation  
  2. Hover over form name and click Website Features 
  3. Click Donation Form options
Note, the date set-up for recurring donations.

For example, if the date set to run the recurring gift is the 1st of the month, the donor and organization will both receive confirmation emails on the  1st.  Not before then.
The organization can confirm the gift early in pending scheduled payments, but the confirmation will still not be sent until the date set in Donation Form Options.

If an email is desired directly after the recurring gift has been entered, then the settings need to be changed in Donation Form Options. 
Change the selection to *First payment will be made at time form is submitted by donor. All other payment dates will be scheduled based on this date.
Click Save and update event.