Error: 'Debit account number' is required when applying a payment to a charge.

When manually or automatically applying a payment to an outstanding charge, the error:  'Debit account number' is required is received.
1. Open the Invoice > open the Invoice line item
2. Click the Payments/Credits tab
3. Apply Credits/Payments automatically
4. Click Save application
5. Save and close the line item and invoice
6. Repeat for any other line items

If the error is still occurring, Contact Support and reference this article.   A copy of your database might be needed, along with the affected payment number.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Open Payment in question
  2. Select Accounts Receivable Detail Tab 
  3. Click Add/Edit Applications.
  4. Mark the Apply? checkbox for any Charge showing with a remaining balance.
  5. Select Save Applications.
  6. Receive the error: 'Debit account number' is required.

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