The first thing that must be determined is the Datasource of the list that was used to email the user the message that they un-subscribed from.

Constituent List Emails:

  1. Recipient can visit the Email Preferences page to opt themselves back in. This page is included in all email messages or newsletters sent from NetCommunity. If the user does not have a previous email, you can send them a link to the Email Preferences page. Note: if the user is visiting a direct link to the page instead of one included in an email, the user will need to have a username/password to access the page successfully. 
  2. If the profile update for opting out the user has been processed, navigate to their record in Raiser's Edge. Unmark the Requests No Email box on the record. Save the record.

User Defined and Imported List Emails:

  1. If the email was sent using an imported list, then the user must find a previous NetCommunity email that they were sent, and click on the email preferences link that they used to unsubscribe. They can then opt to continue receiving email from the organization. 
  2. If the user does not have access to a previous email, but they do have a username and password to access NetCommunity, they can log in an visit the email preferences page to opt back in to messages.
  3. If the user no longer has access to the original email and they do not have a username/password to the NetCommunity site, they can be opted back in through the database. If Blackbaud hosts your NetCommunity database, Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Support will also need the following information: the email address in question, an email, as an attachment, of the recipient requesting to be opted back in to your organization's NetCommunity email messages.