Please note: Transactions processed in the BBMS Virtual Terminal are not reflected in other Blackbaud software. Transactions processed in the virtual terminal must be manually recorded if they should be tracked in a Blackbaud database.

We can process transactions in the Virtual Terminal as either Card Present or Card Not Present. To swipe the card using a card reader, the Card Present option should be used. Either option can be used to key in the credit card number, however the Card Not Present option will have more required fields.

How to process a transaction:
  1. From Virtual Terminal, click Card present or Card not present
  2. In the Account dropdown, select the account configuration to use to process the transaction
  3. Enter the amount of the transaction to process
  4. Enter any additional information about the transaction in the Comment field
  5. Enter Account holder information such as First name, Last name, Address, Phone and Email (most of these fields will be required for card not present processing)
  6. Click Enter Card info
  7. Enter the name on card, card number, expiration date, and card security code (CSC). If the CSC level is set to none and we do not have the CSC value enter 111. If using a card swiper with Card Present transaction, we can swipe card rather than key in the information.
  8. Click Complete payment. A prompt will appear at the top of the window indicating the response: Approved or Gateway Decline
To automatically generate a receipt to the card holder review: How to print Receipts or Donor Acknowledgement Letters in Blackbaud Merchant Services.