Social Influence Segments
  • Ranges from 1 to 5
  • Places each supporter into a social segment, to enable easy understanding of the supporter's advocacy potential:
5 - Social InfluencerThese individuals are very heavy social users, who often share content, and have large followings that have given them major influence when they interact with others. They are normally very involved on Twitter & Facebook (multiple posts per day), and most importantly, their content is frequently re-shared by others. Individuals and companies will target influencers directly, hoping they can help spread their message throughout their large networks.
4 - Content CultivatorHeavy social users who are very active, but do not carry the network size or impact that true influencers
do. While they don't have the same kind of impact, they can be very helpful to nonprofits because they habitually share content through Facebook shares, likes, retweets, favorites, etc... These individuals are great to be connected with, because the chances of your message reaching a large number of eyes is very high.
3- Socially ConnectedIndividuals in this segment have a presence on all three major networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and often use other platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, etc..) but interact with a smaller social circle than either influencers or cultivators, and are less likely to share content, or shift people's point of view with their opinions. They use social media often, but more for personal entertainment and family interactions than as a vehicle to talk about targeted topics.
2 - Multi-NetworkerMulti-Networkers are socially-savvy enough to have a presence on several platforms, but are largely
passive social users. They will log into Facebook several times a week to change their status, and sometimes have LinkedIn or Twitter accounts - but social media is a small part of their lives. Because they aren't as engaged, they often aren't exposed to content they might relate to, and thus share infrequently, and have relatively small networks.
1 - Social StarterSocial Starters normally have only one social media account, generally aren't heavy users, and have very little influence. Most often they use only Facebook, and on average are older than the mainstream social media user. They are often engaged on the network only because their peers or family are, and they will log in occasionally to see "what's going on".
0 - UnconnectedThese individuals are not linked to any social media accounts.