Solicitor Revenue report does not match query results

When generating a solicitor revenue report, the results do not match those of query results or the total revenue that the solicitor is listed on.

This situation occurs because the Solicitor Revenue report does not include pledge payments.  The report will only show pledges made within the time frame specified.  Pledge Payments are excluded from the report even if the pledge is outside of the timeframe and the payment is made inside of the specified timeframe.   

To ensure pledges show on this report:
  1. Go to the pledge record.
  2. Click on the solicitors tab.
  3. Click on the designation and click Edit solicitors.
  4. Add the solicitor and the amount of money they are responsible for.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Now the pledge will show on the Solicitor Revenue Report when filtering on the date range of the pledge.


 2.7.1654, patch 56 ; 2.7.1654, patch 61

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