The service provides supporter social handles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Quora, Slideshare, and outreach scores for each of the nonprofits to identify supporters who advocate the social media brands, as well as those who are most apt to have defined followings. To round out their profile, the process also provides a series of additional attributes, such as an individual’s photo, company name, and occupation. 

The appended information has a wide variety of uses, including one social contact strategy, mapping social monitoring data to CRM systems, relationships with key social influencers, and supplementing prospect research through one-click access to online profiles and information.

Using Social Media Finder, organizations can:
Identify influencers and have them help “friend raise”  - Peer to Peer Fundraising
- Determine who is most likely to spread your message - Advocacy
- Discover which constituents use Social Media and develop a plan for how to engage them

What are suggested best practices for using Social Media Finder?