To ensure the integrity of files downloaded from Blackbaud, each product download page contains cryptographic Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA) that produce unique message digests, or checksums, of each file. To confirm that a file downloaded from Blackbaud is unaltered from its original source, you can use a SHA-1 utility to calculate your own checksum for the file to verify it matches the checksum provided by Blackbaud.


You can obtain a SHA-1 utility for most operating systems.

·          For Windows, you  can use the  File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV) utility package, available for download at .

·          For Mac OS X, you can enter the prompt openssl sha1 [ full path to file ] through the Terminal. For more information about Mac and SHA-1, see

·          For Linux, most installations provide a “sha1sum” command for SHA-1 checksums.

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