Note: Before you can select the files, they must be imported into your file library.
  1. Navigate to Content > Content Management System
  2. Manage your website
  3. Go to Administer > Site Design and click Edit
  4. Switch the Site Template to Custom Template.
    • You will be prompted to upload your KDF. The new fields that appear are based on the contents of your KDF file. You can upload the necessary files here or through the Files menu, and use "select option" to the right of each field.
    • For each Layout, upload your KTF file. You can designate multiple layout templates for the different sections of your website and may need to repeat this for all KTF files needed.
    • Upload any additional files called for in your site design (CSS, Controlled Images, JavaScripts).
  5. Click Update.
  6. Go to Manage > Site Structure and see that the folders there reflect the contents of your KDF file.
  7. Create content as you normally would for the Primary Navigations (a left navigation in the example), Footer Navigation and Web feature areas to populate your templates.
  8. Review the site to see the layout.
    • You can easily make changes or update the site layout at any time by editing your KDF and KTF files and re-uploading them through the Files library choosing the Overwrite Existing File option.