Error: Subscript out of range when editing the student billing detail of a payment

When going to edit a payment's Student Billing detail, you receive the following error when saving: 
Error: Subscript out of range
Be sure to unapply the payment first before making any changes to the student billing detail tab of the payment
  1. Records, Payments, Open Payment
  2. Student Billing Detail Tab, Click on Remove All applications
  3. Save
  4. Make changes to the payment, re-apply payment, save and close 

If attempting to remove a student from a payment distributed between multiple students:
  1. In Records, Payments, open the payment.
  2. Verify the payment is not applied to any charges.
  3. On the Student Billing Detail tab, enter the desired amounts in the Apply This Amount field for each student. Note:Enter $0 for the student(s) you want to remove instead of just deleting the existing amount. The $0 will not populate the field, but it is necessary to enter $0.
  4. Select Save. Once the payment is saved, the records with $0 in the Apply This Amount field will be removed.
  5. Save and Close the payment.


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