The steps to resolving this issue are different depending on whether the payment was entered through the Back Office (entered through the add a payment screen or batch) or if the item was purchased through a Sales Order (Online Sales, Daily Sales, or Advance Sales). 

For a back office payment:
Most back office payments can easily be edited to be applied to a different application. 

  1. Open the payment record
  2. Click Edit payment
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  3. If you need to apply the payment to a donation, a pledge or to an event registration instead, highlight the existing application and click Remove 
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  4. Under the Application area, add the correct application and click Add:
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  5. Important Note: If the payment should have been a membership, follow the instructions in our related solution to edit this payment: I have a member who paid their membership through a donation by accident  
  6. If the payment should have been applied to another constituents pledge, please see our related article: I need to pay for another constituent's pledge
  7. Save the payment
For a sales order: 
Sales orders cannot be easily edited in order for Altru to maintain an audit trail between sales transactions and deposits. For that reason, you will typically need to process a refund and a repurchase. 
  1. Go to Sales > Refunds
  2. Search for the transaction using the order number or the patron's last name: 
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  3. Once you have selected the order, in the next screen, confirm the items and the amounts to be refunded.
  4. If the order was originally processed with a credit card, under Payment Details, change the Refund Method from the original method to an Other payment method* such as Exchange. By changing the Refund Method, you will not have to contact the patron again for their credit card information: 
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  5. Enter a reason and comments if needed.
  6. To complete the refund, click Refund.
  7. If you are refunding tickets, a notification will pop asking if you would like to mark the registrants as canceled and add the tickets you have refunded back to inventory. We recommend you click Yes: 
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  8. Once the order has been refunded, you can now ring a sales order for correct item. Apply the same Other payment method* you used previously as payment for this order:
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    Note: We also recommend completing the refund and repurchase in the same sales drawer if possible, so the refund and purchase will balance each other in the drawer. 
*If you do not have an other payment method in the sales screen, add the payment method to the sales method.