1.  From Financial Institutions, select Maintenance.
2.  Highlight the financial institution for which you want to add an account and click Edit.
3.  Select the Account tab.
4.  Select the account to be associated from the upper data window.  The text boxes are populated with the information specific to the selected account.
5.  Select the By GL Cash Account radio button.
6.  Click Add.  The Add GL Account dialog box displays.
7.  Enter the GL Cash Account in the text box, or click the Account Selector to browse for the correct account.
8.  Click OK to save.  A confirmation message displays.
9.  Click Yes.  The Add GL Account dialog box closes and you return to the Accounts tab.
10.  Click Apply to save.
11. Select the By Use radio button.
12. Double click on the module you need to change the cash account for, or click Edit.
13. Under Usage Definition, select the desired cash account from the drop down.
14. Click Apply and confirm that the GL Cash Account number is updated in the grid at the top of the window.
15. Once the grid and By Use drop down show the same cash account, click OK.