Option 1:
Create one Friendly URL through your Webinfo Checklist.  Through your domain hosting company that holds the domain of the second URL, you can set up Domain Forwarding to redirect the second address directly to your event, or to the Friendly URL set up on the event.

Please note: Both options cannot be displayed or selected at the same time through the Webinfo Checklist.  The Friendly URL selected through the Webinfo Checklist will be used for the participant pages' Friendly URLs.

Option 2:
Click Create a Case and provide the following for a support analyst to do this on the back end:
1. The name of the event
2. The Friendly URL currently in place
3. The Friendly URL (or domain name) you want to redirect to the event

Please note: The domain name for the second Friendly URL has to be one that is set up with a CNAME record pointing to Sphere in order for us to configure it on our end.  If the domain name does not point to Sphere, then Option 1 is the best way to go.