When processing credit cards in Batch, a cardholder name is not required.

However, if a name is entered in this field, it must be formatted so that it appears to have a first and last name (or initial) with a space or comma in between. (Note: A first name and last name with a space in-between must be entered. Last name only may cause the rejection error to occur.)

Occasionally you may be presented with a corporate card that does not have an individual's name but instead the organization's name as the cardholder. If the organization has a one word name (BusinessX), then it will return the error message. You can authorize the credit card by editing the cardholder name field. It can be left completely blank or another word can be added such as Inc. or Corp. For example, you can change the cardholder name to BusinessX Inc., Business X, or BusinessX Corp.

If the cardholder name field is left blank, it will transmit as "NO NAME".