How to Download and Install the Export Wizard for a Target Analytics Project

If Blackbaud does not host your Raiser's Edge, The Raiser's Edge 7 Export Wizard will need to be downloaded prior to submitting your Target Analytics data (Fundraising Essentials, WealthPoint, ProspectPoint, donorCentrics, Target Analytics tests)

If Blackbaud hosts your Raiser's Edge database, please contact your Project Coordinator for data submission instructions.

The RE7 Export Wizard will guide you through preparing and sending data for your Target Analytics project. Please use the instructions below to install the application:

  1. After downloading the wizard from the link below in Attachments, right-click setup.exe and select Run as Administrator
  2. On the Welcome screen, select Next
  3. Select the Destination Location, then Next
  4. Select the Start Menu Folder, then Next.
  5. Select additional tasks, such as create a desktop icon, then Next
  6. On the Ready to Install screen, select Install
  7. Select Finish
  8. Right click RE7 Export Wizard and select Run as administrator
  9. If the update screen appears, click yes to update to the latest version
  • The user will need administrative rights to be able to run the wizard. Please install the wizard on the machine that the user will be performing the export call from as well. 
  • The user will also need Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed.
  • For detailed instructions on how to use the RE7 Export Wizard, please read the Process Documentation PDF.
  • For detailed instructions on how to use the RE7 Export Wizard with Fundraising Essentials, please read the Process Documentation PDF.
  • For Target Analytics ProspectPoint & WealthPoint projects, please email if you have questions regarding your project.
  • For Target Analytics Affluence, select WealthPoint as the service when running the Export Wizard. 
  • For Target Analytics donorCentrics projects, please email if you have questions regarding your project.

  RE7 Export Wizard

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