Parent cannot see Student and Student/Faculty parts in Online Campus Community

A parent who is logged in to Online Campus Community can view the page where the Campus Page Manager and Student and/or Faculty/Student part types [Faculty/Student Announcements, Faculty/Student Schedule, Student Assignment Grades, etc] are placed, but cannot see these parts while viewing the page.

The Online Campus Community account for the parent is linked to the proper Education Edge or Student Information Systems record, and the proper relationships between the parent's Individual record and the Student record exist.

Use the following steps to ensure that the Online Campus Community user account has the proper role(s) assigned.

  1. Edit the part(s) that the user cannot see. 
  2. Click Targeting & security.  Make a note of the role(s) that are authorized to View the part(s).
  3. Edit the Online Campus Community User record for the parent who cannot see the part(s). 
  4. Add the necessary role to authorize the User record to view the part(s).
    1. If the required role is query based:
      1. Review the Education Edge/Student Information Systems query that is linked to the role to ensure that the query returns the linked record in the results
      2. Click the Refresh Now button in the User editor for the parent's account in the section labeled Education Edge Linked Record Information


 6.45.2034 patch 8

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