Follow these steps to link the Online Campus Community user account to the user's constituent record in The Raiser's Edge.

  1. In Online Campus Community, click the "Break Link" button in the user editor in the section labeled "Education Edge Linked Record Information".
  2. Click the "Delete" button at the top of the user editor.
  3. In The Education Edge, run the "Add Users to NetCommunity" utility with a query that returns the corresponding Education Edge record.
  4. In Online Campus Community, Users, edit the deleted user account.
  5. Click the hyperlink in the user editor to "undelete" the user.  When the page refreshes, a message at the top of the page will report that the user has an unprocessed sign-up transaction waiting in the Raiser's Edge.
  6. In The Raiser's Edge, NetCommunity plugin, process the pending signup transaction for the user.
The Online Campus Community user account will now be linked to the proper records in The Education Edge and The Raiser's Edge.