Your Account Manager will work with the Provisioning team to ensure that the Blackbaud Sphere account is successfully closed. 
  • When a Sphere customer's contract expires, access to their account does not automatically shut off. That action is followed up on by Blackbaud's Provisioning Department.
  • When a customer's Sphere account is disabled, their active websites do not automatically go offline. They must be manually disabled before the account closes.
  • Sphere customers have the right and ability to turn off any of their websites through the user interface. They must have Administrator permissions in the CMS site to disable the site.
  • The customer should complete and verify the following before the Sphere account is closed:
    • Disable any donation, contact and registration forms and any event sites.  Ensure there are no recurring donations still active.
    • Create a piece of content with the website forwarding message and link. Once disabled, people may still find the website through Google or saved Favorites in their browser. This step allows the browser to display a message and link to another site.
    • Disable the website, pointing to the new message as the default display. (Manage the CMS > Home > Properties: Edit. Click Disable button. Choose new piece of content just created. Submit.)