How to edit the Advanced Confirmation Email for a Registration Form

A Blackbaud Sphere user has set up a Registration form. The Simple Confirmation Email does not include all of the information they wish to send to their registrants. They want to modify the confirmation email that is sent to registrants. This can be done using an Advanced Confirmation Email for the Registration form.

  1. Navigate to Communities > Forms > Registration
  2. Hover over the form name
  3. Click Website Info
  4. Click Registration Form Options
  5. Click next till Step 5 of 5, Email Confirmation
  6. Click the Advanced Confirmation Setup link
  7. Mark the radio button next to Use Advanced Confirmation Setup
  8. Click Edit next to the Registration Confirmation
  9. Mark the radio button next to Use Customized Text and click Edit Email link below its preview
  10. Edit the email as needed and Save > Finish
  11. Click Save on the Step 5 of 5, Email Confirmation screen
  12. Navigate back to the Webinfo Checklist and click Publish This Event Now


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