Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

1. Add Hosting URL as a trusted Site
a. Navigate to the Launch page for BBEC (for example,
b. Right-click Start and click Copy Shortcut
c. Paste this into Notepad or Word
d. Clear out everything past
e. Copy this URL
f. Open Internet Explorer
g. Select Tools, Internet options
h. Select the Security Tab
i. Select Trusted Sites tab
j. Select the Site Button
k. Add this URL as a trusted Site 
l. Login to CRM
m. Open a report
n. Select to Print Report. 

2. Delete the Add-on
a. In Internet Explorer go to Tools>Manage Add-ons
b. Select to show all add-ons
c. Open (double-click) the RSClientPrint2008 Class add-on
d.  Click Remove
e. Restart Internet Explorer
f.  Login to CRM
g. Open a report
h. Select to Print Report

3. Adjust UAC Settings
a. Go to Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Change User Account Control Settings
b. Set the UAC to the Default (third) level
c. Reboot the machine
d. Open Internet Explorer, access CRM
e. Try to print a report