Since the update to the Core Logic Data source, real estate records with a source of Fidelity are no longer factored in the Wealth Capacity formula. This can cause records to have confirmed Real Estate information, but have $0 listed for Major giving capacity value and Estimated wealth value. This can be corrected by following the steps below to manually add Fidelity to the Wealth Capacity Formula.

1) Log into ResearchPoint
2) Click on Prospects
3) Click Wealth Capacity Formula Management on the left hand side under Configuration
4) Double click the default formula to edit
5) Click the Assets tab
6) Click the drop down of "Data Source(s) to include:"
7) Mark Fidelity Data Services
8) Choose save.
9) A pop-up prompting to recalculate existing records with appear. Click Yes

Fidelity will now be part of the Wealth Capacity formula.

Please Note: Recalculation may take an extended period of time depending on how many records are in the database. The Wealth Capacity will show as unaffected until the recalculation completes.