To set a Web Feature to only display on certain pages this is a mutli-part process:

1. Create a website segment
2. Apply the segment to the page you wish to distinguish
3. Set your replacement content to display only within pages of the given segment

The following describes how you can create a segment for use with your website. You will want to select Web Features/Content as the segment category type.

Once you have your segment in place, you will want to apply it to the page you wish to display the alternate content on.

To do this go to your CMS' Manage Website window.

1. Click on Edit Webpages
2. Expand the content listing to reach the Web Feature you wish the alternate content to appear in, in this case Primary Navigation > Events
3. Click on the Advanced tab
4. Expand Properties
5. Click the Select button for Relevancy Segments
6. Select the Web Content segment you created
7. Check Publish Immediately and click OK

Applying the segment to the Web Feature allows you to distinguish this page from other pages when choosing what content to display. So far the segment does not change much, but when we set relevancy on your alternate content, it will only appear on a page with the selected segment.

1. Go to where you have the alternate content stored in your CMS site structure. If you have not created this alternate content yet, make sure that you place it in the same area as the content you are replacing. (For instance, you are replacing the Home content, so put your alternate content in the Home section).
2. Open the Advanced tab
3. Expand the Display section
4. Click on the Select button for "Active Web Feature/Content has one or more of the following Relevancies:"
5. Select the same segment you applied to the Web Feature you will display this content in
6. Check Publish Immediately and click Okay

Now all the pieces are in place and you should see that the alternate content will only display on pages with the chosen segment.

This allows you a great deal of control over what displays where in your site. You can use it to change which links display in a menu on through tailoring content to match the segment of a visiting user.

Note: It is recommended that you create this in a test environment prior to applying it to your live site to ensure it functions as expected.