1. Make sure that the user who is logged in to FAWeb or NetClassroom has an active BBNC/OCC user account that is linked to the appropriate record in The Education Edge
    1. If the user account exists but is deleted, undelete the user account in BBNC/OCC
    2. If the user account does not exist, create and link the user account via the Add users to NetCommunity utility in the NetCommunity plugin of The Education Edge
  2. Check to see whether the Single Sign On settings in NetCommunity are set to require that the IP address of the user be passed as part of the authentication process.
    1. Go to Administration, Sites & settings
    2. Highlight the Site, Scroll down to the Single sign-on authentication section
    3. In some network configurations, the IP address may not actually be passed and if this occurs, the above error will surface. If this is the case, un-check the box to no longer require that IP addresses be passed as part of the authentication.
  3. Ensure the web servers have their clocks in sync.  These servers will be in sync with fully hosted environments but may be off with on premise or split hosted setups.
    1. Check the system time on the FAWeb/NetClassroom web server
    2. Check the system time on the BBNC/OCC web server
    3. The server clocks need to be as close as possible.  If there is more than a 15 second difference the SSO process will not work.
*Ensure that the web.config keys that were added do not contain any spaces or typos.  This would cause the error to appear when going from FAWeb or NetClassroom back to the Online Campus Community or NetCommunity website.  All keys must also have a closing tag. (i.e.  "/>").

*One way to check if the FAWeb/NetClassroom web server is ahead of the BBNC/OCC server time is to leave the page with this error open and wait several seconds and refresh the page.  If the page successfully loads after this, the FAWeb/NetClassroom server is behind the time of the BBNC/OCC server causing the request to be made in the future and therefore failing initially.