Go through the following steps until the issue has been resolved:

Note: Be sure the box is marked "This EFT file was created with a carriage return/line feed" on the General tab of the report, if applicable.
To check if this is a current setting:
1. Go to Payroll, Banks, and select the correct bank.
2. Select Edit account details.
3. Go to the Payments tab and highlight Payroll Electronic Funds Transfer
4. Select the Edit Payment options and highlight EFT General.
5. Under File Format, is "Include carriage return/line feed" marked? If so, this will also need to be marked on the report.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, check these settings:
1. Payroll, Banks, Select the correct bank
2. Edit account details
3. Remove any special characters from the Bank Name field
4. Save and close the bank

Note: This will update for ACH files generated after the changes are saved, it will not change the file causing the error